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Stage Walkers Week Two Focus Worksheet

Hello Future Stage-Walkers!


This week we talked about changing your mindset by changing your environment. Thinking our way to a better mindset is sometimes tough to do. But altering the features around you that affect your mindset is much easier. This week I encourage you to start noticing how the structures in your life affect your mindset, and to begin playing with altering them and noticing the effects. 

Your assignment for your support pods is at the bottom of the page.

Quick review:

  1. Context = your occurring world – both the physical world around you and your conscious and unconscious narratives about the world, you and what is possible

    • Context is decisive – your context has enormous influence on your mindset and how you show up

  2. “Structure” refers to the created environment of your life. Structure is your:

    • Physical spaces (office, home, car)

    • What you wear

    • What’s on your calendar

    • Your habits and rituals

    • And who you spend time with

  3. These intentional features of your life ‘call you into being.’ That is, they provide a context which powerful shapes your behavior and your experience of yourself (your narrative)

  4. Altering these structures will alter how you are called into being. (Wearing very different clothes will make you feel different, potentially even like a completely different person. Having a dedicated work environment, an accountability partner, etc.)

  5. Altering the structures of your life is an extremely easy way to alter your mindset

  6. “Display” (a kind of structure) is anything you intentionally place in your environment to create action or to alter your mindset

    • To be effective Display needs to occur at the right time, and at the right place, as an opportunity for action. (putting a note to remind you to mow the lawn in the pocket of your pajamas probably won’t work so well. But a note to remember your evening meditation there might be perfect)


Your assignment is to create at least one display and one structure that helps to get you into an empowered state of mind. You will be grouped by threes into support pods. Meet at least once with your pod and take turns doing the following:

  • Share an area of your life where you are stumbling in – an area you are reliably wobbly

  • Who are you being in this area – how are you showing up? (NOTE: this is not what you are doing, it is who you are being)

  • What is your deeper commitment in this area?

  • What’s a way of being that will better deliver on that commitment?

  • Brainstorm with your group at least one display and one change in structure (environment, habits, schedule, wardrobe, social) that will call you into that new way of being

Looking forward to seeing you all for Week #3.  Have a great week!