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Stage Walkers Week Three Focus Worksheet

Hello Future Stage-Walkers!

This week we continued looking changing your mindset by changing your environment, and we started looking at changing your mindset by changing your story. We'll be working with both in your pods, and your assignments for your pods are below.

Beginning to Alter Your Story

Looking at our inner context - our narrative and how it affects our mindset we start with the distinction between:

Have - Do - Be             vs.            Be - Do - Have

(default way of being)                  (transformational way of being)

Who you BE is the source of what you do and therefore what you have. Here's a way to work with this:


Changing your Story

  1. What is an outcome you want to create for yourself? (Ex: I want lots of money!)

  2. What would that allow you to do? (Ex: To travel and eat a great restaurants and ski the alps!)

  3. What would doing that allow you to be? (Ex: Adventurous!)

  • Can you be that now? What would you have to let go of to be that right now?
    (Ex: I would have to let of the story that my life is ordinary and predictable)

  • In what ways are you already that? What have you done or experienced already that are consistent with that way of being?

  • How would your days and your interactions be different if you were coming from that way of being?

  • What could you have around in your life to help you remember that you are already that?
    (NOTE: Most ways of being have many expressions in the world - not just one. If "successful" is your way of being, success is a very multi-dimensional experience.)

Changing your Environment

Distinguish an area of your business or life in which you are consistently wobbly

(Ex: Communicating with my team)

Be as specific as you can in naming exactly what actions or tasks generate that wobbliness.

(Ex: OK… When I’m doing check in calls, team calls and the onboarding process)

How would you describe your way of being in that area?

(NOTE this is not how you feel, this is the story you have about yourself that generates the way you feel. Ex: If my wobbly area is making calls to my team, and how I feel is disempowered and resigned, then how I am BEING would be the story that is the source of that disempowerment and resignation. Perhaps my story is that no one respects me and or will listen to me – so my story about myself could be “I’m worthless and a bad leader.”)

What, in your environment, supports that story?

(Ex: “My desk is in disarray, I don’t have my team’s contact info well organized, I don’t have a good schedule to know who I should call when, my workspace is shared with my cats and my 6 year-old, my wife says I’m wasting my time and should lose weight, I don’t sleep enough and I’m constantly reading conspiracy theories on twitter.”)

What is your commitment in this area?

(Ex: “I’m committed to my team having a fantastic experience, knowing what to do and having their questions answered”)

What is a way of being that would generate that?

(Ex: “Being on top of it and enthusiastic.”)

What changes can you make to your environment that will have you be that way?”

(Ex: I can have my onboarding process on the wall in front of me, I can have a scheduling calendar marking their calls, I can move my work area to someplace quiet and private, I can put up a picture of my family on the amazing vacation we took yesterday, I can create an FAQ of their questions and have that on my desk, I can put pictures of my team up on my bulletin board, I can put something inspiring that Michael said on the wall, I can tell my wife it’s really important to me that she support me in this, I can get plenty of sleep etc. etc.)

Make those some of those changes and notice what happens!