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Creating a Great Verbal Business Card

Breakout  1

3 minutes each

Finding your WHO

  • Who are the people you serve?

  • Who are your ideal clients?

  • Who are your bread and butter clients?

Finding your WHY

  • What are their urgent pains or desires?

  • How do they describe or perceive this?

LinkedLocal: Contact

3 minutes each

Breakout  2

Finding your WHAT

  • What problems do you resolve?

  • What are the consequences of resolving those problems?

  • What would they tell their friends and colleagues after working with you?

3 minutes each

Breakout  3

Putting it all together

  • Try on a version of your tag line

  • How can you sharpen it up?

  • Help each other where it sounds stiff or wordy – make it conversational

Tagline Worksheet

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