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Stage Walkers Week Four Focus Worksheet

Hello Future Stage-Walkers!

This week we looked at applied 'being' in the form of listening and how the way we listen to others creates them in that moment. We experienced the impact of two kinds of listening and how profoundly impactful we can be in complete silence.  


When we listen in a specific way, people will show up shaped by that listening. Some powerful ways of listening are:

  • What is this person inspired by?

  • What do they care about?

  • What's funny to them?

  • What do they want to be acknowledged for?

  • What are their concerns?

  • What is their pain?

  • What are they committed to?

Try some of these - and when you hear what you are listening for, reflect it back to them, using the words they themselves used. This can be incredibly simple to do:

  • "You seem really inspired by..."

  • "Is ... really hurting you right now?"

  • "I hear you're committed to ..."

No need to elaborate. Just state it and let them respond. Listening and reflecting in this way gives people the gift of being deeply seen, which is a transformative and healing thing.

When both you and the person you're speaking to know together that you have deeply seen them, then conversations about actions, changes, commitments and solutions can take place. This is the essence of any effective sales conversation or any conversation for commitment.



Changing Your Listening

  1. Play with your listening this week!

  2. Try listening to some people you 'know really well' in totally new ways. What does your husband deeply care about? What does your son or daughter find funny? What does your team member want to be acknowledged for?

  3. Use reflective listening to acknowledge and name what you heard. Use their own words and don't elaborate. Let them respond. See what happens.

  4. As you experiment with your listening, notice how it affects your own experience and who you get to be. Begin to hone in on the 2 or 3 kinds of listening that work best for you and have people show up in the most workable way, in your space.


Thank you for your time, your attention and your trust! It has been wonderful to work with you this month and I look forward to cheering you on as you each walk across that stage!


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