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  • Scott Bowman

The stone is always the same distance from your face

Most of us (and here I mean those reading this) have done a lot of self-work. Or are working hard at improving in some other way. Facing inner demons, self-limiting beliefs, skills we lack, unfortunate childhoods, hidden conclusions about how the world is...

Self-work is a lot like pushing a big rock along flat ground. Some might think it’s more like pushing that rock up hill - but when you stop pushing a rock uphill it rolls back over you - squish. The big rock of self-work just sits there... waiting. Like a new part of the landscape.

Pushing this rock always takes the same kind of effort, it always takes the same kind of energy and commitment, it’s most always hard, it always feels about the same... and every time you look up, the rock is the same distance from your face.

It’s easy to forget, as we work so hard on ourselves and try, and face our edges, and look at the things that are difficult to look at, that we’ve actually pushed that rock a long, long way.

It’s good to stand up every now and then, ease your back and turn around and see how far you’ve pushed the f&^*ng thing.

I remember a time when I was so shy I was nervous and fearful of what to say to the person checking my groceries or the bank teller. I find it hard to imagine that guy anymore, but his awkwardness still pops out in odd places every once in awhile.

So congratulations on pushing that damn rock. And if you were to stop pushing for a second and look back behind you, what’s something you want to celebrate about the distance you’ve covered so far?

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